String Program


Student String Program 2021 Has Been Canceled
Program Tuition
April 1 - June 1
After June 1*

Strings (Books 1-3)


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Strings (Books 4+) 


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                   For Teens Only$125Contact Registrar

* Participation in Institute is not guaranteed after June 1 and registration is subject to availability. and does not include the option of housing or food.

Tuition Includes: registration, student t-shirt, classes for all six hours (including enrichment), and parent classes. Housing and meals are available for purchase seperately.

Online Registration is Closed.

          Please contact Registrar Bronwen Godfrey 208-863-7706



Required Class Descriptions

MASTER CLASS provides an individual lesson with a master teacher. There are 3-4 students per class and the class time is shared. Students should come prepared to present a polished piece during the first class. When it is not their turn, they will observe the other student lessons. Parents are expected to attend this class with their student to take notes, observe, and help their student prepare for the next day’s classes.

TECHNIQUE a group class that provides an opportunity for students to improve tone, intonation, bowing, vibrato and shifting depending on their level.

REPERTOIRE provides an ensemble experience playing the Suzuki repertoire. Music from the repertoire list should be memorized. The repertoire list is in the next section below.

STRING ORCHESTRA provides an opportunity to sight read and follow a conductor. You will be placed in the orchestra most suited to your reading level. Traditional string students who are not attending Institute for the full day, may wish to participate on an “Enrichment Only” basis (please use registration form to register). Please note that this class will not be performing at the end of the week. The focus of the week will be placed on the process of learning and experiencing ensemble music.

ENRICHMENT.  Each participant also is enrolled in two enrichment classes depending on age and book level. This is an opportunity to learn something new or broaden our experience. For description of classes, visit our Enrichment page.

FOR TEENS ONLY - Thinking about becoming a Suzuki teacher? This class is for you! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm. Helen Higa will introduce you to the teaching techniques and secrets of success need to embark on your teaching journey.

Full-day students Book 1 will be enrolled in Dance and Arts & Crafts.

Book 2 and up will be enrolled in Mariachi and Dance.


Tuesday: Registration is at 8:00 in Langroise Foyer. Orientation is at 8:30 am in Jewett Audiorium. Students have classes from 9am to 4pm. Institute pictures will be taken at 11:50 in Langroise Foyer.

Tuesday-Thursday: 9am to 4pm. We will break for lunch from 12-1pm and honros recitals will be held at 4pm. If you wish to participate in one of these recitals, audition information can be found on our Honor Recital page.

Friday: Students have classes from 9am to 4pm.

Final concert will begin at 4:15 in Jewett Auditorium. At 4:00, healthy snacks will be provided outside the Langroise Building by the Suzuki Board. Concerto order will be Piano, Mariachi, Cello, Viola, Violin and Dance.

NOTE: Proper dress is required at the final concert, students wear black pants or skirts (knee length or longer) and their institute T-Shirt with black shoes and socks.

Repertoire List

The Suzuki Institute experience relies upon a deep and thorough knowledge of all learned repertoire. Students are strongly encouraged to review all of the books they have studied and to be well prepared with any previously learned piece in the Suzuki repertoire. Instructors will choose freely from pieces in the Suzuki sequence when working with both the technique and repertoire classes. Your institute experience will be much more satisfying if you review and polish in the months before institute.


Violin Repertoire List

Book 1

Book 2
Chorus from “Judas Maccabaeus” – Handel
Hunter’s Chorus – von Weber
Waltz - Brahms
Theme from "Witches' Dance"- Paganini
Minuet in G - Beethoven
Minuet – Boccherini

Book 3
Gavotte - Martini
Minuet - Bach
Humoresque - Dvorak
Gavotte in D major - Bach

 Book 4 and Above
Concerto No. 5 1st movement - Seitz

Concerto in A minor - Vivaldi


Viola Repertoire List

Book 1

Book 2
Chorus from “Judas Maccabaeus” – Handel
Hunter’s Chorus – Weber
The Two Grenadiers - Schumann
Gavotte – Lully
Minuet in G- Beethoven

                               Book 3
                       Gavotte - Martini
               Gavotte in G minor – Bach
                   Humoresque – Dvorak
                        Nina – Pergolesi

Cello Repertoire List

Book 1

Book 2
Chorus from “Judas Maccabaeus” – Handel
Long, Long Ago – Bayly
The Two Grenadiers – Schumann
Gavotte – Gossec
Minuet 1 – Bach
Hunter’s Chorus – Weber
March in G- Bach
Bouree’ – Handel

Book 3

Berceuse – Schubert
Scherzo – Webster
Humoresque – Dvorak
La Cinquaintaine – Marie

Book 4
Sonata in C, 1st mvt. –Brevel
Chanson Triste – Tchaikovsky

Book 5
Sonata No. 5, 1st mvt. – Vivaldi

Book 6
The Swan – Saint Saens
Tarantella - Brevel

Book 7
Courant – Bach
Gavotte in D Major – Popper