Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes 2021 Have Been Canceled

The Suzuki Institute offers participants both Core (required) classes and Enrichment (elective) classes. Enrichment classes are a great opportunity for traditionally trained musicians, siblings, and even parents to participate in Institute! In addition, half day students can add extra classes to their day. Cost is $50 per class, per person.


For our enrolled participants, enrichment selections are as follows:

1/2 day students are assigned ONE enrichment class: Hip Hop Dance.  See our Half Day Program page for more information.

Full day strings and piano students will have two enrichment classes. See our String Program or Piano Program page for more information.

Enrichment Class descriptions are as follows:

MariachiThis high-energy class will take you back hundreds of years to country people, celebrating joys, struggles and the triumphs of its people. Mariachi music encompasses the essence of Mexico and its people. Learn to sing in Spanish while playing and performing the traditional sounds of the Mariachi. This class might even encourage you to become a Mariachi musician, wandering the streets of your city and performing in malls, restaurants and even serenading at major family events. Viva! Mexico!


Arts & Crafts: Let your creative genius come out. Create fun art projects the whole week.


Dance: If you like to move then this class is for you. You will learn some street dancing moves from our highly qualified teacher. Some of the super hero moves came from this type of dancing. Your mom and dad will be amazed at the moves that you can do.